Complete Personal Finance for Beginners

For young adults, a bright financial future requires two things, not just one.

Steady Income + Solid Plan = Bright Financial Future

It takes a steady income, and a solid plan for what to do with it. If you’re like most people, you’ve put nearly all of your attention on the first of these. There’s nothing wrong with that – finding a way to sustainably earn a living, which matches up with your talents, interests and values is an important – and sometimes elusive – goal. Depending on your choice, it may take quite a bit of time, training and education to position yourself for success. And because the choice is such a personal one, it’s natural for this part of the equation to dominate your attention.

But a steady income, all by itself, is not enough to ensure a strong long-term financial position. You need a solid plan to go along with it. Few people realize the importance of this when they’re just starting out, but even those who do have a hard time developing such a plan. It can seem like the world expects you to already know all about how to manage your money, but doesn’t provide a good way for you to learn. You’ve been responsibly pursuing the first half of the equation – but what about the second?

Practical, straightforward advice for young adults to help ensure a secure financial future

That’s what Securing Your Financial Future is all about. The goal is to teach you how to manage your money safely, responsibly, and most of all very successfully. The book is comprehensive enough to cover everything you need to know, all in one convenient place – but with an emphasis on practical, straightforward explanations that are easy to apply to your financial life. If you’re interested in finding how to get on a path towards a bright financial future – then this book is for you!

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