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What others are saying about Securing Your Financial Future by Chris Smith

William J. Bernstein, author of The Four Pillars of Investing and The Investor’s Manifesto
“Were I to recommend just one book for a young person just starting his or her financial life, Chris Smith’s Securing Your Financial Future would be it. Comprehensive yet lively and easily readable, it covers everything from saving habits to a sound, stone-simple investment strategy; the chapters on the multiple facets of house buying alone are worth the price of the book. It will improve the both the peace of mind and bottom lines of its recipients, and it may even make them better people.”

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, author of the New York Times bestseller Zero Debt and co-founder of the free financial advice blog
“Young adults today face so many economic pitfalls, including excessive credit card bills, student loans, investing blunders and more. If you’re just starting your financial life, or you know someone who is, Securing Your Financial Future can help you or a loved one avoid all those money-draining mistakes that we’ve all made – and later come to regret. Securing Your Financial Future is truly a life-changing gift for anyone seeking long-term financial security. Best of all, it’s chock-full of interesting, sound advice dispensed in a way that makes learning about money matters fun and doable.”

Melissa Tosetti, author of Living The Savvy Life
“The majority of young adults are not taught basic money management either by parents or through school.  Consequently, they receive their financial education by attending the School of Hard Knocks.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Chris Smith’s Securing Your Financial Future is the easy to understand and enjoyable to read primer that show young adults how to create a strong financial foundation for, as the title says, a secure future.”

Suzanne Nora Johnson, Former Vice Chairman, The Goldman Sachs Group; Board Member, American Red Cross, Women’s World Banking
“Chris Smith’s book is a must read for all those beginning their financial lives.  Indeed, this superb book has clear and compelling guidance for financial decision making throughout life.”

Mike Veseth, author of Mountains of Debt and Robert G. Albertson Professor, University of Puget Sound
“Financial security – an impossible dream for young people today?  This may be the Age of Economic Anxiety, but Chris Smith explains how making a few good early decisions and sticking to sound principles can put today’s college students on the road to financial success. Required reading for every college student and recent graduate (and for their parents, too).”

Jim Murrin, Senior Vice President and Corporate Controller, Hewlett Packard Company
“It isn’t easy making financial topics fun to learn, but that’s exactly what Chris did for years at HP with his creative approaches and trademark humor. Young adults everywhere: prepare to be entertained and learn how to manage your finances at the same time!”

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